Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To provide character building and life-preparing education programmes to help smoothen a child's transition into adulthood and to help create students who are physically and vmentally fit and spiritually sound.

Our Mission

  • To instil an inquisitive spirit and hunger amongst the students for all knowledge available in the world
  • To develop the power of concentration, focus and detachment from all distraction
  • To develop a sense of conviction amongst the students to chase their dreams
  • To develop the confidence and 'we can do everything; attitude
  • To develop character and strong will that will help them overcome all difficulties no matter how insurmountable they appear
  • To develop love towards the environment and teach theam the art of harmonic coexistence with nature.
  • To work for all mankind to satiate our love for the same
  • To instil purity in thought, speech and act
  • To equip students with adequate resourceful qualities so that they can embrace life and its struggle with a certain level of preparedness necessary in today's cut throat competition.